Harrison, Eichenberg and Murphy LLP


Since 1987 Harrison, Eichenberg and Murphy LLP, has represented major employers and insurance clients in litigated workers’ compensation matters. We accept the challenge of providing imaginative, personalized service and aggressive legal strategies to reduce or eliminate our client’s costs. Our offices are conveniently located to assist clients throughout Southern California.


We pride ourselves on resolving claims efficiently, creatively, and expeditiously. We make that our goal irrespective of the complexity or magnitude of the claim as we regularly handle claims with values between a few thousand to millions of dollars.  It is our experience that the quick resolution of disputed issues is in the best interests of our clients.


We believe that regular communication is one of the keys to successful claims handling.  We make it not only our policy but practice to respond to all communication within twenty four hours.  We  regularly utilize email as the most expeditious method of communication.  All of our attorneys have experienced assistants in the event there is any need for immediate communication when an attorney is out of the office.


All of our counsel have considerable experience in the defense of workers’ compensation claims and the firm experiences very little turnover. We have excellent rapport with applicants’ attorneys, WCAB Judges and staff.  These relationships further assist in the timely resolution of claims.